Max Schmitt

Your MVP Webapp or SaaS Built in 1 Month

Webapps and SaaS applications are great businesses but getting them built can be tricky.

Web development agencies are expensive and slow.

Hiring someone from freelance marketplaces is a gamble. Are they reliable? Do they communicate well? Can they write quality code?

Hi! My name is Max, I'm a freelance web developer and I will help you build your MVP on-time and within your budget.

Contact me for a free consultation or keep reading to learn more about my approach to building your MVP web application.

Building Your MVP Within Budget

Most agencies and freelancers charge expensive hourly rates that incentivize them to work slowly on unnecessary features.

I will make a detailed, fixed-price proposal for your project, so you'll know ahead of time what you're paying for!

Building Your MVP On Time

With over 15 years experience and a proposal for your project in-hand, I can accurately estimate the development time for your project.

For MVPs, I aim to scope the features in a way so that your project can be delivered in 1 month for 10,000€ or less.

The Process of Building Your MVP

Here's a rough overview of the process I use to get your MVP launched quickly:

1. Free 30 Minute Consultation Call

You and I meet on a video call to discuss your project idea and what needs to be done to scope out the project.

You might already have mockups or designs or you might have only an idea.

No matter what stage you're at, I will help you create concrete requirements for your project's MVP development.

2. Project Proposal: Costs and Launch Date

After we figured out the requirements for your project together, I will create a detailed proposal within 1 week.

This proposal will include a fixed-price offer for your project and a launch date.

3. MVP Development Begins

After signing a simple contract, the development work on your project begins.

During this time, I will be providing you with regular updates on the progress.

4. MVP Launch

With the MVP completed, I will help you get your MVP online.

This includes a complete handover of the project and you're free to do with it whatever you like.

5. Further Project Development

After the MVP goes live and you have your first users, there will likely be feature or change requests.

I will help you tackle any additional development work for your MVP after it launches to help ensure your project's success!

Want to get started?

Let's go! Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation!


Why are you well-suited to develop my MVP?

Most developers are highly-specialized in frontend or backend and have never built an app from-scratch and deployed it to real users.

I'm a fullstack developer and have helped successful startups like Wunderflats go from 0 to MVP (and beyond).

I'm also constantly working on my own projects with an MVP mindset, where I handle everything from design to development and even marketing!

What technologies will you use for my MVP?

I use modern technologies like React, Next.js, Node.js and TypeScript/JavaScript.

The specific tech stack for your MVP will be chosen to meet the requirements of your project. It's one of the things we'll discuss in your free consultation call!

Can you help me design my MVP?

Yes! I'm primarily a developer but I'm also very passionate about good UI design. You can check out my latest personal project Cakedesk for which I designed everything myself (except the logo).

If you have a separate budget for design, I will ask a top-notch designer from my network to join the project.

Can I see some of your recent work?

Sure! Check out my homepage where you can see some recent projects.

How can I trust you? Are there any reviews of your work?

You can find some testimonials on my homepage and I'm also happy to put you in touch with some of my previous clients

Want to get started?

Let's go! Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation!