Max Schmitt

Are you Looking for a React Developer?

You've come to the right place! My name is Max, I'm a Senior Fullstack Developer and I've been working with React since shortly after its release.

You can hire me as a Freelance React Developer or continue reading to find out more about React and myself.

Why Choose React for your Project?

Like all technologies, React isn't always the right tool for the job. But it is extremely versatile. Here are some reasons why you might choose React as the foundation for your project.

Reason 1: React is the Standard Way of Building UIs

React has reached such immense popularity that it's become the defacto standard way to build UIs on the web.

Thanks to its popularity (it's the most popular frontend framework according to StackOverflow), you'll have access to a huge pool of React developers who could potentially help out on your project.

With React, you're not betting on an obscure technology that nobody knows how to use.

Reason 2: React is Super Stable and Robust

React is built by Facebook and new versions are tested against Facebook's gigantic user base before they are released as framework updates.

React's promise of being a very dependable and stable framework has been proven with every release over the years. There are almost never breaking changes and if there are, they are introduced very gently with plenty of time for developers to update their code bases.

Reason 3: React is Fast

There's not much to add to this point. React is really fast, so you likely won't run into any performance issues. And if you do, React has powerful profiling tools that make it easy to locate the source of slowness.

Reason 4: React is Powerful

React has such a wonderful API that allows us to easily express UIs and interactions. Behind this simplicity there is immense power though, and I would say that you could build almost any user interface imaginable with React!

Reason 5: React has a Rich Ecosystem

From component libraries to entire frameworks like Next.js – the React community comes out with new packages constantly and keeps adding to the already vibrant ecosystem.

Leveraging existing packages for React can save a lot of time on your project.

Reason 6: It's Highly Productive

When hiring a freelance developer for your project, you want to make sure they're spending their time building features. React developers are highly productive because React makes common tasks that would have otherwise required hundreds of lines of spaghetti code super easy.

React for Websites

React can be a great choice for websites because it allows you to build quickly without giving up any options. With React you can even start with a simple server-side rendered website and later move it to an SPA.

What's great though is that, if you're using React for your website, it becomes easy to add interactive components like charts and forms at any point.

React is also great for SEO because it lets you render HTML statically. That means you can create websites that work without JavaScript, which search engines love!

Modern content management systems like Sanity and Contentful also offer React libraries that make it fast and easy to integrate them with your website.

And if you're going for a highly sophisticated look with lots of fancy animations, React is amazing for those kinds of websites because it lets you use incredible animation libraries like framer-motion.

React for Web Applications

React popularized the component model that is just perfect for web applications. Thanks to React components, we can build sophisticated SPAs faster than ever before without sacrificing performance or maintainability.

Beyond components, these days React comes with powerful APIs for state management (such as the Context API) that get out of the way in the beginning of your project and can easily scale with your codebase as your project grows.

Hire a Freelance React Developer

If you're thinking about using React for a project or would like some work done on a project that is already underway, I'm more than happy to help!

I've been building websites for over 15 years. And for the past decade, I've been completely focused on JavaScript websites and applications, specializing in React and Node.js.

Please have a look at my recent work or contact me right away. I look forward to hearing from you!