Max Schmitt

April 19 2024

GitHub: How to get Notifications from Work Repositories to your Work Email

As a developer I like using a single GitHub account for both personal and work projects.

When I work on a client project as a freelance Next.js developer I want to make sure to receive email notifications for issues and pull requests of client projects in my work email.

This is actually possible on GitHub but it's buried a bit in the settings.

Step 1: Add your Work Email to your GitHub Account

Go to Settings and then Emails and add your work email. You'll receive an email with a verification link.

GitHub settings for emails

Step 2: Setup Custom Routing for your Work Organization

Now, also in Settings, go to Notifications and then click Custom routing within the Default notifications email panel.

GitHub settings for notifications

Here you can add a rule to forward notifications from your work organization to your work email.

GitHub settings for notifications (custom routing)

That's it! I love that GitHub has these features:

  • Connecting multiple email addresses to the same GitHub account
  • Allowing us to route emails based on organization