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28th March 2021

How to open a localhost website on iPhone / iOS

If you're doing any kind of web development work these days, you probably need your website or app to run on mobile phones.

To make sure your website works on you're phone, you want to be able to open it during local development.

By default, your iPhone or iPad won't be able to access an app that's running on localhost on your desktop (unless you're running the simulator).

If both your computer and your phone are in the same network however, you can take your phone and navigate to the local IP address of your computer.

Screenshot of IP Friend running as a macOS menu bar application

There are a couple of ways to find your local IP address on macOS but the easiest way to open your localhost website on your iPhone from your Mac, is using iCloud Clipboard and a little app called IP Friend.

Check out this little video demo to see how IP Friend works:

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